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Dating questionnaire test

Then the probability of you having an alcohol problem is about 25% - If you have answered yes to 2 questions.

It is true: to love and to be loved is probably the most important thing in our life.

Once you have your type formula and strengths of the preferences, you can use it over and over again to explore your compatibility with different people. Jung Marriage Test™ instrument uses methodology, questionnaire, scoring and software that are proprietary to Humanmetrics.

If you already know the type formulas and strengths of the preferences of both partners and want to analyze their compatibility, enter your access password in the box below and press the "Continue" button. Jung Marriage Test™ assessment and its results are not based on, nor incorporate the ® assessment methodology.

From great dates to lasting love, it starts with e Harmony.

Whatever you're looking for, we're here to help you find it.

A printed form containing a set of questions, especially one addressed to a statistically significant number of subjects as a way of gathering information for a survey.

When it comes to finding a romance and life partner, making the right choice has always been of a great importance to people.

The quality of a relationship in a couple is predetermined by personality characteristics of the individuals involved, as well as by their ability to develop optimal behavior toward each other.

What it does mean is that your drinking should be investigated further.

If you think you need a more in-depth screening test than the CAGE questionnaire, then why not try some of the other alcoholism screening questionnaires at the alcoholism tests page.

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