Dating the era of lord ram speed dating benefits

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Dating the era of lord ram

Saturn at Rohini and Mars at Jyestha with two eclipses – a Lunar eclipse at Kartik and Solar eclipse at Jyesth.So, that constellation in astronomy has NOT occured since Mahabharat.‘Ramayanaa’ is attributed to be penned-down by the great Sage, Valmiki during 5000 B. The original book is said to contain about 7 books or ‘Kandas’ that portrays different legs of the life of Lord Rama and his biography in detail.

As recognized by the Supreme Court of India, the existence of Shri Raam can not be decided only by historical or scientific evidence, it is a matter of faith to millions of people.itself and is our first suggestion that the story was based on an actual historical figure.Pandit has based his research on work of Dr Narhari Achar (a professor of physics at the University of Memphis, Tennessee, in the US). However, another person has used dates and astronomical events to zero in on the dates of that time, Arun K Bansal.According to him, Krishna was born on July 21, 3228 BC and died at 2 pm on February 18, 3102 BC.Keepin with the Jain tradition of non-violence, it is Lakshman who kills Ravan and due to the use of violence, both go to hell while Lord Rama (known as What is amazing is that even today the places related to Lord Rama, the stories, the Geographical co-ordinates of the cities mentioned etc. Therefore, what we can still do is track and analyze this GEOGRAPHICAL evidence in the literary masterpiece of Ramayan and find out if they help us in our cause.This last mentioned animal's name literary means - Whale-gulper which means this particular aquatic being was big enough to gulp down even large whales. You would be surprised to know that the answer is yes!

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It’s also proven that the paintings date back to pre-Christian era which stands by the testament that, Ramayana did happen in and around the same time as quoted in Valmiki text.

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