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Since those early days, the technique has been refined quite a bit.Start building your high-speed wahoo spread with heavy tackle: You’ll need reels capable of holding drag under the considerable strain of heavy lures and weights moving through the water at high speeds.

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Researchers found that sounds comparable to the vowels a,e,i,o,u were detectable in their vocalizations, whether mating calls, grunts, barks, yaks or the two-syllable sound, "wahoo." While it is intriguing that baboons have this capacity, it does not necessarily mean they are able to speak.

Baboons can make noises that sound like vowels -- and they can make distinctly different vocalizations for various situations -- but they lack the vast array of complex meanings contained in human language.

"This is the first time we have shown this in a non-human primate," said co-author Joel Fagot, a researcher at France's National Center for Scientific Research.

"It suggests that human speech has a very long evolutionary history," and arose long before modern man, he told AFP.

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