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Liquidating business ireland

have a place out in tallaght with auctions every week of cars, commercial disposals, liquidation stock.

They also have frequent auctions on site in commercial premises that are closing down. Have a look at the Scottish auctions they do on behalf of the police forces. All shoplifted gear that was not reunited with it's owners and similarly lost/stolen bicycles. I'd be looking for a few bits and pieces for a home office type thing.

Whilst a solvent liquidation (MVL) doesn’t absolve directors of their fiduciary duties, it does mean that the responsibility for properly winding-up the affairs of a company passes to an independent third-party liquidator.

This affords directors peace of mind that a company’s closure has been properly administered.

If it comes to a liquidation then what happens is that the assets of the company are sold and the proceeds, in the order of priority as set out by company law, are distributed to the creditors and members.

There are three types of liquidations: A creditors voluntary liquidation is normally initiated by the directors of an insolvent company.

There are two definitions of insolvency – one is where the company is unable to pay debts as they fall due and the other is where the liabilities exceed assets.Maybe a few things I know I can flog elsewhere, while I'm there.Maybe a car too, do you know what makes a rental company sell a car there?Appointing an Independent Qualified Insolvency Practitioner will ensure you avoid unnecessary compliance fees.Smith & Williamson’s restructuring team is experienced in managing MVL’s.

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Is it after a certain mileage or when its a write off practically?

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