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While many older tracts are out-of-print, Chick Publications will perform a special printing run of most of the out-of-print tracts upon a request of at least 10,000 copies.

Over time, several of Chick's tracts have undergone variations in art and text, which have in some circles come to be collected by fans.

The test is done mainly to look for a condition known as urinary reflux (sometimes called VUR). There are other tests that are needed in a small number of patients. Urine specimens are first usually tested with a dipstick.Chick, but we do occasionally publish a manuscript in book form." They state that if the content "educates Christians in one of the areas for which we have a tract, we would love to see it" and cite several examples; the online store lists nearly a dozen book categories.Most of Chick's tracts, and several excerpts from his full-length comics, can be read without charge at the Chick website.This can help show if there is any sign of infection, but a final diagnosis can only be made by sending the urine to a laboratory for further tests using a culture. If the dipstick test shows there is a UTI, then treatment may be started. Young infants, or children who are very unwell with a UTI, should be admitted to hospital for antibiotics directly into a vein by intravenous therapy (IVT).The diagnosis and treatment may be changed once the culture results are back from the laboratory. Most children with UTI make a good recovery and have no future problems.

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