Wechat sex service

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Wechat sex service

We Chat, the ubiquitous social network in China, has long been used for prostitution.But in a new twist, one group of people have been busted for pretending to be famous actress and models in China to solicit clients on the network.Any new sex worker brought into the group was obliged to pay a kickback to the member who introduced her, referred to as a “whoremaster” by local media.If the sex worker didn’t pay the kickback, she was immediately kicked out of the group.Know that there are some built-in features that make your location discoverable and your content shareable with people nearby, and there are also plenty of opportunities to connect with strangers.

There are also built-in stickers and games, some of which are free and many of which are available for in-app purchase.Members exchanged information on cost, appearance, measurements, and even which specific sexual services they would provide.Members of the group also had the ability to blacklist any sex workers that failed to abide by their rules." / is one of the world's most widely used social-networking platforms.Read the app's privacy policy to find out more about the types of information collected and shared.

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Several We Chat groups including “Shenzhen show business” and “art school beauties” were created to solicit sex and had an estimated 500 members who regularly used the service.

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